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Published: 3 years ago

A Linkedin Group Marketing Tip for B2B Marketers

Last month Linkedin has reached 187 million members.

I’ve used Linkedin since the beginning. I like the fact that you can use it  to exchange business contacts. As I hate business cards, I wish more people would use Linkedin and stop handing out pieces of paper.

But aside from having an online resume,  there is another powerful feature – Linkedin Groups. This is particularly important for the B2B marketers out there.

In Linkedin Groups, you find business professionals talking about… well, business. If you are building a B2B business, there is really no better place to reach out to them.

But it can be a little socially awkward to reach out to them. After all, what would you say without coming across as being self-centered?

That’s where great content comes in. You can share an interesting industry related article and offer your unique insights (For a tool that allows you to find great content, check out my startup ContentDJ).

If you are lucky, when you start an interesting discussion, you might be featured in the Top Influencer box. Problem is, it will display your name without your business credentials. For example, it would just display ‘Jerry Tian’. Ideally, you want people to find out about your startup without having to navigate to your Linkedin profile.

This is where the hack comes in. To display something like Jerry Tian (Founder of ContentDJ). You can change your Last name on Linkedin to Tian (Founder of ContentDJ). And it will be displayed as such! Now, that’s how you can get some great free impressions in a highly targeted channel.

Below is the Top Influencer box for Small Business Online Community group with 20,886 members:
Hacking Linked Groups for Fun and Profit

Sharing great articles is a great way to do B2B social media marketing in general. That’s why today, I am happy to announce support for Linkedin Groups on ContentDJ.

That means now ContentDJ can help you find quality content and publish to the following social media channels:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter profile
  • Linkedin Profile
  • Linkedin groups
  • WordPress

Give it a try now and tell me about other Linkedin hacks you come up with.

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