5 Organization Tactics Every Social Media Manager Needs

image credit: jodi michelle via flickr cc

image credit: jodi michelle via flickr cc

Did you know that 33% of professionals are “chronically stressed” at work?

For some 76% of Americans, work is the leading cause of stress in their lives. For some professionals, the secret to being more productive at work and happier at home can be organization. Great organization tactics mean improved efficiency, which means leaving the office on-time more often. It can mean having to take less work home, and being able to enjoy more of your earned vacation time.

Social media managers at marketing agencies are key candidates for improved organization tactics. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by curating and posting content for client accounts, consider whether the following techniques could improve your work flow:

1. Hashtag Searches

Scrolling through thousands of blogs aggregated into a RSS feed is one method of finding fresh content, but it’s certainly not the most efficient! Hashtags are referred to by many marketing experts as the “ultimate” curation tool due to the unique efficiency. If you’re able to automate your hashtag searches to run while you sleep, that’s even better.

2. Color Coding

Simple ways to drastically improve your organization don’t always have to be complicated or involve sophisticated methods. Color coding could be precisely what’s needed, and Huffington Post’s Diana Nguyen refers to this method as a “visually striking” way to make things easier for yourself.

3. Better Tools

If you’re struggling to jump between various tools for curation, aggregation, and organization, other tools for your editorial calendar, and yet more tools for checking your social media metrics, it’s no wonder you’re feeling disorganized.

The more things you have to worry about, the more disorganized you’ll be.

Tools can be incredibly helpful, and they can also slow you down. In general, unless a single-function tool is absolutely amazing, it could make you less organized and productive. Seek tools that offer end-to-end support for your workflow, from curated content discovery to metrics review.

4. Centralized Editorial Calendars

If you have an editorial calendar and some place to store relevant, curated content for future posts, you’re doing better than some of your peers. However, this doesn’t mean your process is fully optimized. What if you could centralize your editorial calendars, and even integrate internal and external approval requirements into this same tool? Remember, the simpler your process is, the better your organization and productivity will be!

5. Separation Between Client Accounts

Few agency social media managers have the benefit of managing a single client account. For many professionals, anywhere from 6-20 accounts is more realistic. Some agency professionals carry an even heavier curation, posting, and engagement load!

While it may be tempting to try and knock out as many clients as you can in a single morning, crossing wires can make you feel disorganized and frantic. Even more importantly, if your clients are jumbled in your tools, seeking out curated resources and articles can become a chore. Strive for the most separation between client accounts possible in your workflow, and select tools that make this easy for you.

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